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  • Dokdo museum seen from Dokdo observation tower on Mang hyang peak.

Dokdo museum was founded on the 50th anniversary of Korea's independence with the help from the Ulleng-gun, which has provided the lot and Samsung Foundation of Culture, which has actually built the building for museum. And The first curator, the late Lee Jong Hak(1927-2002), who has collected many materials from the inside and outside of Korea. And it was opened as the only territorial museum in Korea on August 8th, 1997 with the help from the late Hong Sunchil (the leader of volunteer guard) and some groups such as the volunteer guard of Dokdo and the Green Ulleung-dokdo club.

The museum was built in the image of Sambongdo (three rocks) and It has 8,068 square meters of building site, 1,600 square meters of building size. It is a 3-story-building and has 3 exhibition hall on the first floor (The permanent Exhibition Hall 1,2, and Special Exhibition Hall), central hall and also one more exhibition hall(The permanent Exhibition Hall 3), Media Rooms for Natural Ecology, and Lobby to View Dokdo on the second floor. Since August 8, 1998, outside Dokdo museum has been built in the anniversary of the 1st year of Dokdo museum and in the 400th anniversary of General Lee Sun shin's death.

Dokdo is our territory ,which has remained as our territory, since AD 512( 13th year under King JiJeung of Silla) when Dokdo and ulleung was assigned to our history and culture. For the past days, Dokdo has been considered just as a small and isolated island and considered as a meaningless island. But, Dokdo now has very important position of politics, economy, military and science because we depend on the sea more than the past. Due to this reason, we are opposed to Japan to take the right of possession and protect the pride of Korea.

The aim of Dokdo museum is to excavate, collect, research materials around Dokdo and the east sea of Korea and by exhibiting, managing, educating, publicizing what they gain from their activities, they show their materials and information that disprove the untruth when Japan claims its territory on Dokdo. And it also aimed to inspire people with out nation's territoriality and nationality.