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As you know, Dokdo is the Korean territory, which has remained as our territory, since AD 512( 13th year under King Ji Jeung of Silla) when Dokdo and ulleung was assigned to our history and culture. there was a time period people wasn't concerned about Dokdo just because Dokdo is small and isolated island, but understanding of values of sea getting better, Dokdo now has very important position of politics, economy, military and science.

On the other hand, due to these reasons, today Korea is suffering from Japan's insistence about possession of Dokdo which is totally absurd. Under the rapidly changing conditions of in and outside of Korea, Dokdo museum has been founded in August 8th,1997

In this only one territorial museum of Korea, We will find, collect and reaserch all materials about sea of Korea continuously as well as confirm the basement of our theories and arrangement of historical materials to argue against Japan's insistence. And with the result from our efforts, we will do our best to inspire awareness of our territory and nation to our people by exhibition, education, advertisement. Please support us with your heart.

In ulleung with ancient mysteries, Dokdo museum is waiting for your visit. Welcome to Dokdo museum!

Thank you very much.