Exhibiton Exhibiton

stone post of Dokdo museum

Location of open-air dokdo exhition space.
At a crossroads of mineral spring in yaksupark in dodong and museum

This stone post is five layers stone work(height: 410㎝) constructed to remember the 400th anniversary of Admiral Lee Sun-shin's sacrifice of his own life for the nation and celebrate the first year of opening museum. On its natural stone, Chinese characters and Korean characters that read "Dokdo bakmulgwan", which were selected from Nanjung ilgi(Diary in the Midst of War) and Weorin cheon-gang-ji-gok(Songs of the Moon’s Reflection on a Thousand River) respectively were carved. On the four sides such as front, left, rear, right of black stone, these were carved - symbolic pattern of Dokdo, Song of Hansan island, background of Dokdo museum foundation and selection of title from Nanjung ilgi and Weorin cheon-gang-ji-gok, alert against Japan by Admiral Lee Sun-shin, present Japanese forced insertion and provocation, proceeding status of foundation of museum etc. With this stone post, spirit and purpose of foundation of museum can be known at a glance. With construction of the stone post, Open-air Dokdo exhibition space was begun to be constructed.